No cookie icon in Postman 10.17.8 footer/Ubuntu 20.04

Postman interceptor is loaded in Chrome browser extensions, wondering why the cookie icon is still shown in postman footer…

Hey @fsung2023 :wave:

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That option in the footer opens up the Cookies manager modal, which is sometning different to the Interceptor Cookies.

Is that the option that you were referring too?

Hi Danny.

The missing “Capture request and cookies from Postman” icon is between the ‘Invite’ and the ‘Settings’ is the one that I am looking for.

Frank Sung

Hey @fsung2023

That sounds like something that was part of an earlier Major version, I can’t remember that being there after V8 came out. I might be wrong though. :thinking:

Is this the UI you meant? (I had to look back through old images :grimacing:)

Hi Danny,

That UI is exactly what I am looking for to decode chrome cookies for authenticated token.

Frank Sung

That UI and functionality was from a previous Postman version (Before version 8) and a whole lot of new cool things have been added since then. :heart:

This is our new Interceptor:

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