Response of 1st request populating while chaining requests

I am facing a strange issue with postman chaining of requests I will explain my scenario below

  1. I am chaining POST and PUT request in a folder

  2. The response coming from POST request has a field which I am storing in environment variable and passing it as input parameter to 2nd PUT Request

  3. While running this folder (POST+PUT) through runner I am passing test data to 2nd request through a csv file where as for the first request we have hard coded request body.

Getting incorrect response i.e., response populated for the 2nd request is same as response of 1st request.

My question: is there anyway to resolve this issue??

How I found the problem: While checking the response of 2nd request in console

I’ve already tried:

  1. Verified the request body of 2nd Request- it is going correctly and my test data is getting picked from csv file

  2. Checked and unchecked the cookies option in runner

  3. Used Set Next request line in tests tab

  4. Manually tested the scenario without using chaining and csv files and it is working fine