Request is sending old authToken if chosen from parent

Enviroment using
postman 8.0.6


  • several requests in several collections.
  • requests of one collection are using the same authtoken
  • All requests contain “inherit auth from parent” authorization
  • all collections are using OAuth 2.0
  • 18 different enviroments using Access Token Url, Client ID, Client Secret as same variables

Steps to reproduce

  • renewing token in the collection
  • “use token” (Button “save token” from postman 7 missing?)
  • sending a request


  • 401 unauthorized
  • Checking sended data by “</>” and the token is an older one with an expired date.

using the OAuth 2.0 tab in the request itself works

Is no one having the same problem or a solution for that?
I’m thinking of downgrading to postman 7

I am seeing similar behavior but I’m new to Postman, assumed I was doing something wrong. I’ll try to downgrade, thanks for posting this.

for what it’s worth it looks like if I save the collection and the request immediately after refreshing the token it updates.

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Hey @bernhardboehm

As this is the Postman community fourm, it’s not the place to raise product issues that you may be facing. These posts would be largely seen by fellow users rather than the Postman team.

If you’re raising an issue with the platform, you’re best option is to always use the Github Issue Tracker, that way it’s directly put in front of the team that can investigate these issues.

I would hate for things like this to be missed and go unanswered on the forum. :cry:

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saving the whole collection works, thanks so much!

thanks dannydaiton
i supposed it is not a bug in postman so i posted here
it has been a user interfaced problem (and it was)

Even if it was a ‘non-bug’ the only people who would give you absolutele clarify on that, would be the Postman team. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

When in doubt, just raise it directly on GitHub and it can be triaged accordingly. :trophy:

You’re not wasting anyone’s time by doing that :grin:

Thanks for raising this @bernhardboehm!

We have an open feature request in our GitHub repo below:

Please feel free to add your comments to weigh in! Our product managers use that feedback to prioritize and add items to our development roadmap :rocket:


This looks like a bug. it worked in 7 but in 8 its not working.