Remove confirm step before importing cURL

I’m using feature import curl frequently, but with nearly update I have to confirm before importing, that make me quite annoying

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Could you share a screenshot/gif when you import? That could really help with understanding when the popup comes up or the exact one that you are referring to.


Hi, I have the same issue with Duc. As a web developer, the import request from cUrl is the feature we use the most. In the past, it just takes 2 clicks to successfully import a request.
Since the new UI updated, gratefully we can minimize the sidebar menu but the import button is hidden. And more, the preview step ( final step of import request) is very unnecessary and it takes 1 more click to done import a request.
Hope your team can improve this small problem.

@duc / @mr.minh97

You can use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + O on macOS or Ctrl + O on Windows, to open the Import modal - saves you 1 click :smiley:

The raw text field in the Import feature is used to import a number of different formats into Postman and not solely used to import raw curl requests.

As this can be multiple different formats (text, JSON, yml) and for different entities (Collections, Environments, Globals, API specs, GraphQL schemas, Curl requests etc) we introduced a preview section to confirm and select which items you want to proceed with.

I can see that this may have slowed down your process a little and added an extra unwanted step in the Curl import flow.

The best thing that I can recommend is to raise a new feature request on our Github Issue Tracker, with the full context and details about your workflow so that we can take a look. :trophy:

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We have created an internal ticket to remove the confirmation step when importing Curl requests.

No timelines for this yet but stay tuned :smiley: