Releasing Postman v7 on the stable channel on Snap

We have released Postman v7 on the “latest/stable” channel on Snap. All users will get this update automatically.
You can force the update by running

sudo snap refresh postman

How this might affect you

  • You don’t have to do anything if any of the following is true

    • you have not installed Postman from Snap
    • you haven’t signed-in to Postman
    • your Postman account does not belong to a team
    • your team has already migrated to Postman v7
  • If you are an admin of your team and see the following modal, you would have to Migrate your team to Postman v7 to use the latest update.

  • If you are not an admin, you can either ask your admin to migrate the team or you can go back to Postman v6.
    Clicking on the Download v6 would take you to the documentation page describing how to switch the channel to v6/stable to get Postman v6


I assume this is this just for Linux users?

Yes, only for users on Linux using the Snap variant of Postman

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