Can't find the Postman 7 update option for Linux? You might be using Postman snap

If you’re trying to update version to 7.0 but can’t see the update option under “settings”, it must be because you might be using Postman snap. Please switch your release channel via the following commands to get access to Postman 7.0

sudo snap switch --channel=candidate postman
sudo snap refresh postman

You might think, is there a reason that in Linux version 7 is only a candidate and not been promoted to the stable version?

  • Since Postman 7.0 is opt-in for team users, we have not published it to stable as that will auto update all apps regardless of whether the user’s team has migrated or not.
  • At the moment, we are being cautious regarding our Postman Linux users on Snap as we cannot distribute the 7.0 update based on their team’s migration status for these users.
  • Once a significant portion of our team users on Snap distribution migrate to Postman 7.0 we’ll publish Postman 7.0 on stable (very soon) :slight_smile:

Here’s the official documentation for Migration: