Receive error 'newman: required node version >=10' even the node version is v16.4.2

I am executing the API automation script from Bamboo tools. Anyway, i received the error ‘newman: required node version >=10’.
I am totally new to this and ex-tester leave this without any further information. What i can do from here just execute it and hit the error.

I updated the node js (v16.4.2), npm (v7.19.1) and newman (v5.2.4) to latest version. Still get the same error.
Kindly advice and many thanks.

Besides, i included script ‘node -v’ in my log and returning version are v8.11.4.
But i checked the node version with node.js, it is v16.4.2
Kindly advice how i can solve this versioning issue?