Error: Cannot find module 'newman' Require stack:

Hi Everyone,

I just installed newman and able to run postman-collection test cases with the command line.
However, when I try to create NodeJs script the following statement
const newman = require(‘newman’); // require newman in your project
throws exception
Error: Cannot find module ‘newman’
Require stack:

I am not sure how to fix this problem. Any help is appreciated.


Hey @jdang

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Do you have a package.json file with Newman as one of the dependencies?

If you have that in place in the same directory as the script, you can use the npm i -S newman to install the node_modules.

Once that’s been installed, you should be able to run the script again.

Thanks, I need to have package.json then install newman locally.

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If you have installed newman globally and you get the error “Error: Cannot find module ‘newman’” , probably your NODE_PATH is misconfigured.

Please check the following link to get this fixed: