QCon London - March 27-29th (Hybrid)

Postman is attending QCon London this year, a conference for software engineers to learn emerging trends, explore use cases and implement best practices.

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Micro Frontends: The Evolution of Frontend Architecture - @ruben.casas

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between monoliths, monorepos and Micro-Frontends?
When facing issues with scale, large companies turn to Micro-Frontends as a solution to decouple the monolith and hopefully improve their velocity and increase team autonomy; however, Micro-Frontends are at the far end of the decoupled and distributed frontend spectrum, and many alternatives should be considered first before committing to a fully distributed architecture.
This talk is a journey through the evolution of frontend applications at scale, starting from the Monolith, evolving to modular monoliths, integrated applications, monorepos and finally arriving at Micro-Frontends. We will explore each approach’s pros and cons and choose the best tool to help you scale your applications.

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