Modern Frontends Live! November 17-18, 2022 London

Ruben Casas - Staff Engineer at Postman will be speaking about “Monolith to Micro-Frontends

Talk Abstract: Many companies worldwide are considering adopting Micro-Frontends to improve business agility and scale, however, there are many unknowns when it comes to what the migration path looks like in practice. In this talk, Ruben will discuss the steps required to successfully migrate a monolithic frontend application into a more modular decoupled frontend architecture.

Come and join Ruben & all the other great speakers in November, in London!

Modern Frontends Live!
:calendar: Nov 17-18, 2022
:earth_africa: London

UPDATE: Postman is sponsoring Modern Frontends Live! So swing by the Postman booth to talk with Ruben and the rest of the Postman team :rocket: