Product placements in weekly digest emails are breaking privacy

I’m increasingly unable to distinguish which emails from Postman do I unsubscribe from.

This may sound weird, but I prefer my inbox organized, and ideally at zero, once action items are complete. So, I archive all devtools-stats and audit-event emails, and read &/ delete the remaining emails.

Anyhow, I will show and tell.

I love the weekly digest emails. I run periodic analyses of digest emails in my inbox, to find trends. Y’all have been refining this part very well. So, I get this email, which shows visible lack of activity in / with? Postman:

So far, great. Here begins the controversial part, the same email has:

I thought, woah. What label do I apply to this email? Spam? Digest data? The issues are:

  1. Noise: I would really like to focus on my weekly stats here. If there is something really exciting (like Postman Web <3) add a link to a Changelog maybe?
  2. Open tracking: You have pixel tracking enabled to keep tracking every time I open email. Are you using a tool called Iteratable? Cool if yes, but… see screenshot below
  3. Link Tracking: Well, all the links here.

Now, before you say, hey, this is industry standard (which I agree), aren’t you a devtool, Postman? Please do better.

Please can I have my raw stats please by email without getting snooped on?


P.S. If the sentiment analyzer detects this post as “strongly negative”, listen to it.