Problem using Reports in Postman Enterprise plan

My question:
Newly we changed to the Postman Enterprise plan and I’ve got the following issue when trying to set up to use “Reports”. I followed steps below:

To generate reports in Postman, first ensure you have carried out the following steps:

  1. Share your API
  2. Add a collection to the API
  3. Turn on Save Responses in History on the left of Postman
  4. Send a request from the collection

in connection with the steps 2 above I got this Get request to add to the collection:
{{baseUrl}}/user?id=35520666 there baseUrl = http://localhost:3000
when I tried to send the above request I got this error:

Error: connect ECONNREFUSED*
Request Headers*
User-Agent: PostmanRuntime/7.28.0*
Accept: /*
Postman-Token: d8447301-2564-4603-a6e6-aedabe48c5aa*
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, br*
Connection: keep-alive*

I Guess the localhost connection must be established before I get anything in the Reports.
just to mention I successfully sent the postman echo request ( where in proxy setting “Add a custom proxy configuration” was disabled and “Use the system proxy” was enabled.
note, If I enable “Add a custom proxy configuration” the postman echo request will be failed.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @icctest :wave:

If you are facing any issues or have questions about using the Report feature in Postman for Enterprise plans. Please feel free to submit a ticket to us at - and we will be happy to assist further.

You may learn more about Reports in this article here:

Thank you for your quick answer. I will contact you soon.:pray: