Custom Graphql type as Postman variable

Hi, all.
I’m new to GraphQL and I’m struggling to get one mutation to pass using Postman. It’s not an open API, I got it to work using the inbuilt playground feature but Postman is giving me trouble.
Mutation accepts a custom type for a variable.

This custom type is basically a JSON but I cannot get it to work.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • hardcoding the entire request works - image_2021-09-28_154047 etc…(there’s more fields, but this start is crucial)

I’ve tried placing the data from the request to an environment variable and tried using GraphQL variable - that doesn’t work

Error I get is Invalid body

I tried using postman variables directly into the GraphQL request…that kinda works but I’m getting syntax errors:

So this works but there is a squigly line at {{ saying “Expectd name, found {”
Placing {{mutationRequest}} under quotations results in

Invalid syntax: token recognition error at: ‘"{ \n’ at line 2 column 30"

I’m kinda spinning in circles…could a fresh pair of eyes help me figure out what’s wrong judging by these screenshots?