Dynamic variable timestamp in milliseconds


I would like to have a dynamic timestamp in milliseconds, eg. {{$timestampMs}}. Dynamic variables | Postman Learning Center

What I do now is setting a variable in Pre-request Script

pm.variables.set("timestampMs", new Date().getTime());

I don’t want to do that in every request i need a timestamp in ms.

I thought this would be a common case but I haven’t found any other requests for it.

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Unfortunately, there is no predefined Postman variable. But you can add this script to your collection and it will be available to all requests.

Each request will have a newly generated value.


Yes, thanks. That’s a bit better. A predefined variable would be preferable, but that will have to do.

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There is a pre-defined variable, you can access it like

const timestamp = pm.variables.replaceIn('{{$timestamp}}')

how to use in Body ?

Once a variable has been created and stored, it can be referenced in the body like this:

    "time": "{{timestampMs}}"

thank you Danny
i have this body
how to use
1-“idRichiesta”: “00000062_00000320_1700497529”,
2- “timestamp”: 1700497529,

I don’t understand the question, how to use those where?

Do you want to extract those values from the request body and use them somewhere else?

You need to fully explain the use case and what you’re trying to achieve.

This should ideally be a separate question as this topic was already solved.

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