Postman : test the upload of a pdf file


I am currently running API tests using postman. I have a scenario that asks to test the upload of a file in pdf format. I manage to create this test with a test file stored locally on my PC by following Postman settings.

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But I would like every member of my team to be able to run this test from their machine.

How can I integrate this file directly into the test(‘inside’ postman)? Is this possible?

Thank you very much.

If possible, create a network share to a server. Then everyone can access the PDF.
Just like developers have a code repository, you could have a PDF file repository.

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Hi @Legaly-esignature
I am not sure if this helps you, but with postman if you are doing a POST request, you can include the file in your body as form-data :

You can also check out this resource that talks about how to work with files in Postman. : Importing data files | Postman Learning Center.

Ideally one of the best ways to work with your team is to build a team workspace and you can then link to your files in the documentation of your workspace. Something similar to this ( Day 23 - Working with Data files) :

In the documentation for day 23, you can see that a file has been liked and shared. If you build a workspace for your team you can link and share the file similarly

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