Help with Variables

I’m still trying to figure out Postman, so I’m sorry if this is basic. I’m trying to access an API that allows you to get a 1,000 total pieces of data, but only gives 50 per request. I can use an “offset” parameter to give me the next 50 data, but I need to increase the offset by 50 for each request (0,50,100,150,200…). I don’t want to have to make 20 copies of the same request to do so. I also want to run this collection with multiple iterations, so the “offset” parameter would have to reset to 0 before each new iteration. Any thoughts on how I could do this?

Hi there @nicholas -

Pagination can be real tricky, but as you suspected, you can do it in Postman without using 20 copies of the same request. Check out this solution with some example code: Edit the page Number in the headers and loop it till the last page POSTMAN

Since your question is similar to the one linked, I’m going to close this topic, but feel free to chime in with follow-up questions on the original thread if you get stuck.