Postman sending disabled headers when param is included in request?

Has anyone else seen this? I am getting an error from our service saying “invalid x-next-token.” x-next-token has a local environment value which switches out when a new one is set. The current request I’m running does not need an x-next-token and the x-next token header for the request is disabled (not checked). The disabled x-next-token is the only x-next-token header in the list.

When I check the auto-generated curl, there is no x-next-token being added to the header, however, when I look at the console, it shows an x-next-token in the header that was sent.

I then noticed that when I send the query without any parameters, it executes correctly (no x-next-token), but I tried various types of parameters that are valid for this request and they are all sending the unwanted, disabled x-next-token.

I am using Postman 8.1.0.