Postman response time vs curl response time

Hi All,

When we print time_total in curl response(get uri) it’s showing 1000ms, but same uri response is showing as less than 500ms in Postman
Postman response time for rest api(get uri) is always less than curl response.
Is postman response time consider all times like DNS lookup etc?
Tied generating same curl request using Code in Postman app, but gave same result only(curl response time is more)
Please confirm more details about response time in Postman


Yes it is. Postman may cache DNS and other data (if connection keep alive is sent, which it sends by default to mimic real world usage, unless specified otherwise,) and that may significantly reduce responses times.

Download latest Postman Canary variant to get access to a new feature that shows the breakup of response times when you hover over it. Or wait for a few days for 7.0.8 to be released - which has that feature.