Postman replace spaces with %20 and " with %22 in get. post, put and patch

I can successfully execute this with curl:
curl -u integrator:integrator --basic -k -X PUT --data “value=1280x720”

When I enter the string verbatim in Postman, Postman sends (with post/put or patch)"value=1280x720"

Which fails miserably with “resource does not exist” -->naturally.

Any clever method to append --data “value=1280x720” without Postman inserting ASCII characters in the string?

Interesting, your web application to submit questions replaces %22 with " You will need to go into edit mode to see where they are present. There are 2.

Hi @stevecook428,

Are you entering that string (including the --data part) directly into the address bar in Postman?

The information within the --data parameter is form data, and as such, when transposing it into Postman you should enter it in the Body section as below:

I was eager to see if that worked.
In Body, I used Key=value and value=1280x720
–data “value=1280x720”
Key=–data and value =“value=1280x720”
value = value=1280x720
value = 1280x720
value = “1280x720"”

I received a resource does not exist (404), still a malformed request.

Any more guidance?

Ah, I think it needs to be x-www-form-urlencoded rather than form-data.

The easiest way to check this is by using the Import option in Postman; in the “Raw text” tab, you can paste a cURL request directly, and it will import into a matching new Postman request.

YES! That is a fabulous function in Postman. Appreciated!!

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