Postman Published Documentation - Toggle/Remove "Click to expand"

I face a situation where i inserted anchor links in my postman documentation to navigate between sections.
ex: [Model](#8c910069-86d3-40f7-b592-006c4e30c089)

Such as:
Postman Collection published documentation -> Markdown tables -> Click on Markdown link

Currently, the click event (on a markdown link inside a table) set the right anchor tag but open the table in full view instead of following the anchor to the right element.

Is there a way to disable the “Click to expand” function on markdown tables, a way to make the click event prioritize the link under or support for the target="_blank" markdown (ex: [Model](#8c910069-86d3-40f7-b592-006c4e30c089){:target="_blank"}) ?

This situation only present itself in the Published document as the “Click to expand” feature is not in the unpublished collection documentation where the anchors work fine.

Thanks for any insight