How to create anchor tag markdown in Postman?

No matter what I tried, none of the following work:
Some heading
Some heading

Some heading Some heading Some heading

all these options omit the name or id in the html

Hey @jonath23, I was able to get it working as follows:
Markup variant:

<a href="">Markup Anchor</a>

Markdown variant

[Markdown Anchor](

Hi Kunagpal,
I’m talking about anchor link for an area in the same page.

Yes, the above snippets should work fine if the link has an id # suffix as well.

Okay, I don’t think we understand each other. I’m trying to create an anchor to reference to another part in the SAME page . While the ref works as expected, name seems to be omitted and so href links no where. Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong?
Thank you.

@jonath23 to clarify, currently you can’t CREATE an anchor manually using the name attribute.

As @kunagpal said, you can link to existing spots within a page where an id already exists (e.g. headers in the intro, folders, and requests).

Hey Joyce,
I appreciate the elaborate answer, yet I’m a little confused. Let me explain my issue first. I’m required to have links from one API to another. For example, in an API such as ‘get by Id’, I’m required to have an anchor link to ‘get all’ with an explanation that the required Id could be found there. How can I create that link?
Thank you,

At this time, you can link to these parts within generated documentation:

  • Introduction header
  • Request
  • Folder
  • Response

The links are generated using IDs for the requests, folders and responses. If you click on any of these, the URL in your browser should update to a link which points to this specific part of the documentation. You can link to these parts using this link.

As @joyce and @kunagpal mentioned, it’s not possible to link to any arbitrary part of the documentation.

If you’d like the ability to link to any point, please create an issue to track this feature request on GitHub here.

Is it a known issue that none of the links in doc are showing? The functionality works, but you cannot see them at all. If you hover over it and look to the bottom left of the browser, you can see what the hyperlink is linking to and even land on the intended page.

So, for example,
“For information about each of the field types that returns from the metadata, see the
[Metadata Reference]
( “Metadata Reference”).”

Completely blank. But, when you hover on the bottom left, you see this specific link and you can go to the spot in the same doc.

Is there a workaround perhaps? Thanks!

Hi there @godfrzero I’ve been testing this issue out to see if the Markdown is the issue or not. It appears that any links of the 4 types mentions are also not showing up in the generated documentation. I tested the display on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Here are additional examples when comparing the editor and the output.

One of the lead developers I talked to examined this issue further and it looks like there is a CSS issue turning any links into white text even if you add markdown or html elements around it (such as code tags). Are any other customers experiencing this issue and can you advise how to fix this?

^ If anyone else is running into this issue: The links, icons, etc. within your public documentation will use the “highlight” color specified while publishing.

@godfrzero following your advice to use the auto-generated Ids of API methods, folders and other things… This means that these Ids can be treated as constants and will not change over time. So, is it correct assumption? Can I rely on these Ids and be sure that they wont change?

Yes, IDs are preserved in all cases except destructive ones. For example, a request will keep it’s ID until it is destroyed (deleted, transferred, etc.).