Postman Processes Token Request when CLI Cannot

My question:

I have a query and credentials given to me by an API service. I attempt to utilize these credentials, correctly, in a terminal window, but am met with errors which the API provider does not cover nor knows how to solve.

Postman, however, when given the same URL, type of request (POST), credentials, etc., correctly produces the desired OAuth2.0 token!

In short, is there a way to see the raw Curl request that Postman forms for successfully obtaining my token, when the CLI does not work? OR, is there a way to call upon Postman’s abilities programmatically, from outside the Postman service (i.e., through a package), such that I may automate my token-obtaining process without having to generate a new token manually once the current expires?

How I found the problem:

Communication with API provider, and nearly a month of emails.

I’ve already tried:

Everything in accordance with OAuth’s website, Curl’s documentation, the API provider’s suggestions, and now using Postman.

You can see the request that Postman sends in the console log.

It has all of the request\response details.

When you have authentication set, it will show the authentication request first.

You can see curl example of your codes in the documentation window to the right, but it doesn’t include the built in authentication which is run as a separate request. (Which means your back to the console log).

You might want to try and re-create the authentication step outside of the built in authentication.

This is an example of authentication to Microsoft.

This way it will generate the curl example.

This is for a different request, but will give you an example of the code it generates.