Postman Newman Response.Body Question

Hi friends,

I’m messing with the newman html reporter template and have a question. The response body I’m getting is in XML format. I have code that formats the XML. It works when I paste in XML manually, but when I try to format {{response.body}} (Instead of the XML I paste in) it doesn’t do it. Is response body coming to me as XML string?


@Gprice1148 This shouldn’t be the case, as response.body is a string. Which version of Newman and Node are you on? You can find these details with newman -v and node -v respectively.

@kunagpal Thanks for the response. Newman 3.9.4 and Node v8.11.3. Basically I have javascript code that formats the innerText or a element. When that innerText is an XML string I paste inside it - everything goes fine. When I replace that innerText is set to {{response.body}} nothing gets formatted.