Postman Interceptor retrieving CSRF-Token

I’m having a specific problem. I’m learning about Spring Security and one of the tasks is to retrieve csrf-token in Cookies section from GET request that I’m sending. Now guy from the video has exactly same code like I do I already checked that. CSRF is enabled, and he only enabled Postman Interceptor in top right corner(I assume it’s one of the older versions) bcs for me to activate Postman Interceptor I have to go in right bottom => Capture requests. I already went there and activate my Interceptor with Capturing Cookies checked/unchecked but no luck. What I’m only getting is SESSIONID in my cookies and that’s about it. Also I’m using basic auth with user and pw since csrf is enabled in order to perform my GET request. This is the screenshot on how it looks like on my screen: Screenshot by Lightshot

I accept all kinds of help

Hello. I am just wondering, did you ever solve this problem? I have the exact same problem now…