[Postman Flows] My accepted terminal not found

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My question:
Hey guys I need help
in workflow, I have two terminals one accept and one rejected after clicking start I find my rejected in the select log group but do not find the accepted.
Can someone help me

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:

I’ve already tried:

Hey @mission-explorer-298

From the words that you’ve used, I think you’re taking about Postman Flows :thinking:

Without more contextual information and visual examples, it’s going to be difficult for folks to respond here.

Could you please update your question and give people the chance to help you :pray:t2:

Dear dannydainton,
yes, I’m talking about Flows.
As shown in the 1st attached picture, it shows that the flow succeeds when using the block called “Select” before the block "Condition”, while it does not succeed without using it, as in the second picture.

Also when referring to the terminal and keep default to ‘Accept Value’ it doesn’t appear in the UI.


Cc @samayverma / @saswatds

Dear dannydainton,
any update