Postman Flow unable to parse request Body

I have gone through few postman flow example, but still the request body is empty (as below)

Any clue? I tried to use “log”, and it’s possible to parse the request body {…}
But it’s always return null in “Send Request”

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@weitatbipo … hi there!

The send port triggers to send the request, to send data to the request you will need to connect it to the variables below. You can edit your BIPO-DP - Update X2 request to have a variable in it’s raw body area and then send the data there.

Something like this example.

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i managed to run the flow correctly by hit the “Run” button. The data imported into my localhost. But once i deployed it as webhook, and run it via POST (screenshots on right), it doesn’t update my application. Even the data are posted via Request Body.

the issue could it due to the target env is localhost?

First … congrats for getting the flow working locally. It looks amazing.

I think your guess is correct around why this is not working when deployed. Deploying causes the Flow to run on the Cloud and it will not be able to access localhost.

Is there any other URL to update your application other than localhost? You can then try sending that to the baseURL value of your request.

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yea, will try to get an “internet-enabled” version :smiley:
thanks for the helps