Postman Flow - Start Block data is null/0

Suddenly my Postman Flows’ Start block returns null/0 data instead of the body payload sent to them. I didn’t experience this issue 2 days before.

How I found the problem:

  1. I deployed a postman flow with this simple layout. Leave it in Deployed mode on Postman.
    The webhook URL of this flow is

  2. Send a payload “test” text like the below to the webhook URL:

  3. Live logs show 0 instead of “test”:

I’ve already tried: Redeploying the flow but it was still a failure.


I have the same issue. I’ve troubleshot it in a million different ways. With all kinds of payloads but no data goes through. Possible Flows Bug? Have you found a solution?

Same problem here, did you try support or got an answer?

I think it’s been resolved. Mine’s working now.

I think it’s been resolved. Mine’s working now…