Postman Flow - Get a value from field name with period

I am working on a Postman flow where the results have an array where the field names inside the array have a period in the name. Because there is a period in the name, I think Postman is thinking the object is nested. As a result, it is pulling back a null.

In the screenshot below you will see the results of the API call where I am trying to pull the value from a field name “app.abuse_limit”. It is nested inside the calc_log. The output of the results is null.

I don’t use flows, but try bracket notation instead of dot notation.


You can normally mix and match between the two, but this is how you usually deal with special characters that break dot notation.

Mike, thank you for the quick response. I tried this with and without quotes and an apostrophe Both failed
Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 9.59.24 AM

Where is “value1” coming from?

Is that the variable that the calc_log object is being assigned to?

As mentioned, I don’t use flows, so don’t quite understand how the Evaluate function works.

Try displaying the “value1” variable instead. Does that show the calc_log object?

Get that working before you try to target the keys underneath it.

Hi @payload-architect-98

Try using backticks to quote the path:

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This worked by using the backticks. Thank you!

Thanks Mike, see below for the solution. Using the backticks worked.

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