Postman - Field definitions - string length - need help 911

I’m using Postman to build my API documentation. I’ve got all my POST and GET’s there with my field lists and data types.

I’m kind of stuck on the datatype. When building database tables we define some fields as strings but we also put a length on them. When people are developing their APIs is it not standard practice to show the string length in the POST definitions?

For my POST’s this is what is showing for my field lists:

    "LAB_CODE": "<string>",
    "LAB_NUMBER": "<string>",
    "DIAGNOSIS_TYPE": "<string>",
    "TEXT": "<string>"

Am I missing something? Where can I set the string length in the definitions so it shows up in the generated documentation. Really need help on this my project is already overdue. Thank you :slight_smile:

Cross posted to StackOverflow. This forum hasn’t been helpful thus far :frowning:

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Hi @Fever905!

For raw JSON bodies, there isn’t a field for this that will be auto-generated. However, you can work around it by using Markdown to add a table with any needed additional details.

Here’s some sample Markdown:

| Item   | Type   | Length |
| value1 | string | 10     |
| value2 | string | 5      |

…which will render on Postman docs as follow:

We also have an open feature request to support descriptions for raw bodies:

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile: