Add description of response in API Document

Can I add description for the JSON response? Just like add description in the request parameters.

Hi Justin,

Not quite sure what you mean by “description for JSON response”. Do you mean a “Status Passed/Failed” message?

Hi Jonathanp,

For example, the response of API is as following:
“id”: “123”,
“name”: “Justin”

I want to show the description of id and name in document, like following:
id - user id
name - user’s real name

Hi @justin.liu, if I’m understanding the part of Postman functionality you’re working with correctly, looking at the docs it seems descriptions are only supported for data sent with a request (parameters etc) rather than response data:

I’m wondering if the descriptions are maybe not intended for your use case (API specifications and documentation are used for lots of different activities from integration and testing to user-facing learning material and so on).

If you could explain a bit more about what you’re trying to achieve with the response field description info in your project, perhaps someone will have a suggestion about how to implement it. :thinking: