POSTMAN didn't send request to the server, ENOTFOUND

Hey guys,

I have developed a REST API server and tested using POSTMAN, it has been working in the past weeks. I haven’t change anything from the server-side. Today, I tried to make requests via PostMAN and it has failed, the request was never sent to the server. The error message I got from the console is the following:

Testing the same endpoint in firefox or in my frontend application, the request has been sent correctly and server is able to sent the response.

It seems it’s only POSTMAN, I am not sure if I have missing any configuration or else. I appreciate if someone in the community can help me out!

Please check the screenshot

Hey @avionics-pilot-33311

There is an open issue happening with the Postman Agent, that might be the cause of what you’re seeing. More details can be found here:

It looks like you’re using the Cloud Agent to make local requests which I believe is not currently available - You would need to switch to the Desktop Agent to make those.

You can switch the agents on the right-hand side of the bottom menu bar.

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Thanks for the information. I switched to Desktop Agent, and now it’s working!

Best regards!


I’ve been going crazy. Thank you for posting this!