Postman Client Accessibility

Hi, I wanted to follow up with an issue that was opened on the Postman Github support page about the lack of accessibility for the blind and visually impaired who use screen readers. The issue in question is here:

This issue has not been addressed at all, and there are a tun of visually impaired developers, myself included, who are constantly reminded that Postman is not accessible to screen readers. Hopefully one of the developers of Postman is on this form and can contribute toward this discussion. I and so many other blind individuals would love to see some progress made on making Postman more accessible.

If it is a question of how, any number of us, myself included, would be more than willing to assist in improving the user interface to make it more accessible to people with vission impairments. As the most popular tool for testing RESTFul APIs, it is very frustrating to have to look else where for other solutions than the tool that everyone else uses.


Timothy Breitenfeldt