Postman Academy - Simulate API endpoints with a mock server

Hi all,

I have started the Postman Academy, and I have been stuck on this challenge, I did even follow the Solution for this challenge, but canโ€™t figure it out what is wrong with my challenge assignment.

I do keep getting the below when trying to test my solution:
Incorrect response for vehicle: JH4DA1750HS018437. Status code received: โ€˜404โ€™. Status code expected: โ€˜500โ€™.

I do understand that Iโ€™m getting the error as the response is incorrect, but I did follow step by step from the solution, so what the heck

Hey @rafal-kingsltd :wave:

Welcome to the Postman Community! :postman:

Do you mind sharing more about the course that youโ€™re doing, please?

Any links, images or a workspace that you can share would be helpful.

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