Postman 8 Oauth2.0 unable to change username/password during apI authentication

Postman 8.0 defaults the username/password. I have not been able to determine where this data is being saved so I can change the data before I execute the authorization.

Hey @wmiedema8080

Can you elaborate more on the issue and describe what you’re seeing, please?

Using images would also help others to understand the problem.

Some additional details:
First: Validated that there weren’t any cookies associated to the API (in previous versions if you deleted the cookies then you had to enter the username/pw to obtain a cookie).
Second: Go to Authorization tab, Type: Oauth 2. New token details are: Grant type: Implicit, Callback URL: Http://localhost:4200, Auth URL: id code).
Third: Click on Get New access token.
System will then launch the “Get access token” function. It auto populates the user name/login and obtains the token.

My issue is that to test the API - I need to be able to change the username/login data and at this point cannot figure out where to change this data.

another update: I have turned on the interceptor and exposed the cookies. In previous version, you could delete the cookies and then during authorization you had to re-enter the username/password. I tried that in postman 8.0 and it still auto-populated the username/password.

I noticed that there is a new button towards the bottom of the Authorization screen to “Clear cookies” The button clears the username/password and allows you to re-enter the data. A BIG thank you to the postman developers!!!

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@appurva.murawat Nice one🏆

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