Post to Array within object


I have the following JSON server structure:
Screenshot 2022-07-10 222139

I can post to the first few fields without problem (fields Virnumm, Nonumm etc) , but anything to the fields within sticker_cars yields an error, as can be seen on the attempts below:

Successfull if I do not try to post to sticker_cars:

Unsucessfull otherwise if I post to a field in sticker_cars

Any idea how I need to format my raw JSON to post to the fields in sticker_cars?

Thank you in advance for any help

Hi @maintenance-explore7

I think you are missing a comma at the end of line 5;

"Telefonsnummer": "621520617",

It was worth a short @w4dd325, but did not resolve the issue:

Any other ideas?

In case this helps: the backend is based on STRAPI 3.