POST request is fetching GET responses


Im facing this major issue with POST request on POSTMAN.
When i enter a POST request, it is fetching GET responses.
This started happening suddenly, i was able to generate POST results easily since last week.
Does any have any suggestion on this error or issue?


Hi @pallavisharma1!

Sorry to hear you’re having some unexpected issues. Any chance you can provide a bit more info? It’s difficult to give you any tips or pointers without more information. What API are you making requests to and what endpoint are you trying to hit? If you can share your work in a public workspace, that might be even easier for folks in the community to try and help you debug the issue!

I’ve been having the same issue, so here is a little more detail. I posted this in another thread, but got no response there. It is more than just POST requests, as it seems like all requests have been being sent as GET requests. This first started on Friday after it updated then. The API that I am using is PHP based. Sadly since this is my company’s API, I cannot share it publicly.

Reinstalling did not fix it

@sean.keegan is what I gave you enough? Is there something else that you need to get to the bottom of this? I’m still having this issue, and it has been difficult to work around