Poll - How many endpoints and tests do you maintain in Postman? Go ahead and brag

I’ll kick things off.

Endpoints: 15

Tests: 15

We’re actually still developing the API so we don’t have much going on.


Ooo, this is a fun game!

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Hi :slight_smile:
Newman Smoke Test

and … all others in Main Workplace not counting others.

Cheers :ok_hand:

For one of my APIs, we have 9 endpoints and we execute 1942 assertions against them. These assertions test component governance, schema validation, security, and contract verification.

But here’s what makes that even more awesome: we didn’t write any of those tests. All requests and assertions are generated directly from the OAS definition of the API. As we add more endpoints, tests are automatically generated and exhaustively run against the new endpoint.


I am using data driven testing , how are you organizing your tests