Automated testing of API with datafiles- do I have the right idea?


I have used postman for ad hoc testing for some time but now I want to do some automated testing of an API with numerous endpoints.

I have been reading about and testing Collection runner and Newman. They are great tools, but I want to check that I have the right idea about how to approach this, particularly in regards to the limitation of one data file per collection (or folder) run.

If I want to test POSTing data ( as a json body) to the API for various endpoints, obviously the data will need to be different for each end point. Because the data file is repeated for each endpoint tested in the one run, data for each endpoint will need to be in its own file, and therefore must be run separately.

To automate this across a large number of endpoints, the way I figure I can get around this is to perform a Newman run for each endpoint (in its own folder) using node js, but then I would need to manually consolidate the results or consolidate them in y node app.

Is this a correct approach or have I missed something and this hard work is not necessary?