Picking variable value from a bag of options

I would like to be able to do some performance testing using Postman, where I call the same API endpoint but with a variety of param values. I’m looking for the simplest and most lightweight way to accomplish this.

My thought is that if my API is defined as:


I could have somewhere configured that “user” value could be one of several options. For example, the options can be express in an array… [“bob”, “mary”, “joe”,…]

When I send the request, Postman would pick a value from the bag of options (randomly or incremental order). This would allow me to create an array with 100’s of values and test the API avoiding any potential caching that may exist.


Hey @lbustelo

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It sounds like a data file might be a good option here:

These can be either a JSON or CSV file that hold those values that you want to pass to the URL variable.