Passing a public id that includes "/" sign


I need to pass a test link that has a parameter which is combination of 2 parts seperated by β€œ/” sign. here is an example.

I have a photo that has a public id of (myfoldername/publicIdOfPhoto) so if I pass the request in postman it gives not found as it will look at that as 2 seperate paths and not as one parameter to pass.

Try an escape character


I trued what you suggested but still not working

Can you provide some screenshots of your request.

Usually forward slashes in an URL are paths.

where is public id is β€œtest/Rateel_new_photo_ufj5u7.jpg”

In your first screenshot, you have the URL hardcoded and its using paths.

But in your second screenshot, you have parameterized the value in a header.

This should be a path variable under the params tab.

Always check the console log to see what is actually being sent.


This obviously fails for me, but you can see that the path is correct as per your example.

now it is ok thanks

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