Open your API and select Test and Automation

Hello, i was reading the article Integrate Postman with Jenkins | Postman Learning Center to see if we can integrate our collection to Jenkins without have to export the collection. Then i reached the staps

  1. Open your API by selecting APIs in the sidebar. Each API can be linked to one CI project.
  2. Select Test and Automation

But when i open APIs, i dont see Test and Automation. Does anyone know why?

HI, @telecoms-pilot-66874. Welcome to the Postman Community :postman_logo:.

When you lick on the name of the current API in the API tab. You will see the “Test and Automation” button to the right of the screen right above “API Performance”.

Can you share a screenshot of what you see if you are unable to see this?

Hi Gbadebo,

I dont see what you see :slight_smile:

Hey @telecoms-pilot-66874,

Unless you have created at least a free Team, you will not see that view.

Without a Team:

With a Team:

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Ah ok! Thanks for sharing. Couldn’t find this restriction in the documentation.

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