Only postman collection is pushed to bitbucket

I scripted a data driven collection and trying to execute in newman by providing a standard template for report. When I tried collection backup using bitbucket interface, only postman collection is pushed into branch. I need all the below to execute the collection:

  1. Postman collection
  2. Environment file
  3. TestData.csv
  4. Newman standard template (for report generation)

a) How do I sync all the above files into bitbucket?
b) Do we have any standard folder structure for postman collection in bitbucket similar to Selenium project?

As the name suggests, the integration is for backing up Collections on Bitbucket - This wouldn’t push anything that’s not a Collection.

You would need to create a new repo/project and push those files. You wouldn’t manage or edit the datafile of the newman template within the Postman App UI so those wouldn’t get sync’d with any integration.

Thanks for the reply @danny-dainton. Do we have any standard folder structure that can be followed for maintaining postman collection in bitbucket? All that i have is…

  1. Postman collection
  2. Postman env file
  3. Test Data .csv
  4. Newman report template.

I don’t believe that there is a standard folder structure - It’s more to do with the context of your project and what personally makes sense for you.

There are an endless number of best practice articles for structuring projects across the internet:

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