Offset during daylight saving time

Is it possible to automatically adjust the OFFSET to account for daylight saving time changes in a query (or maybe in some parameter)? For example:

In my case, during daylight saving time, the OFFSET is +03:00:
{{baseUrl}}/odata/API_AlarmEventLogs?$filter=dateTime gt 2023-10-20T12:10:11.11%2B03:00

And during standard time, the OFFSET should be +02:00:
{{baseUrl}}/odata/API_AlarmEventLogs?$filter=dateTime gt 2023-10-20T12:10:11.11%2B02:00

I don’t want to manually change the OFFSET on my query (on the query’s filter) from +03:00 to +02:00 each time and vice versa…

Postman uses JavaScript under the hood.

Have a look at the accepted answer for the following on Stack Overflow.

Change the offset to a variable, and you could incorporate the accepted answer in an pre-request script to update the offset accordingly.

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