Ntlm getting 401 and not passing auth information

hi there,

I’m on latest postman v10.23
local IIS hosting a wcf web service, with only Windows Auth enabled.

when testing this service in postman I’m getting 401 error

Detailed Error Information:
Module	   			WindowsAuthenticationModule
Notification	   AuthenticateRequest
Handler	   			svc-Integrated-4.0
Error Code	   		0xc000006d
Logon Method	   Not yet determined
Logon User	   Not yet determined

I’m on windows 11.
when I calling the service directly in a web brower it works (I’m using Microsoft Edge)

in Postman I’m using NTLM auth
in IIS log, the cs-username field is empty so looks like postman is not passing auth details to IIS

can you help to see what could be the cause?

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I have the same issue. My logs are showing postman is not passing the NTLM credentials. When I make the request from chrome it is successfully using NTLM. I am on 10.23 like you, when I went down to 10.21 I got the same 401.1 unauthorized in postman.

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