Not able to see Force Close all Tabs Options


From the last week I canโ€™t see the 3 dots which was showing right to my opened tabs. That option helped me to close all the tabs forcibly in one click. I am not sure whether any preference I selected accidentally and that is why it gone. Is there any way to get that option back in my postman. Attached the image below for the same.


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There has been an update to the Workbench UI, in the latest version. We have introduced a new tab searching capability within the workbench that was not previously there.

To the right of the tabs, you can see a dropdown option that will open the feature or you can use the keyboard shortcut to open it:

This will show you a view of the open tabs as will as a list of Recently closed tabs. You can also choose to close an individual tab from this dropdown.

If any of the tabs have unsaved changes, you will see an indicator next the the name:

To open the menu options to see the closing tabs functionality, just right click on any tab:

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Thank a lot @danny-dainton for your quick guidance on it. Now I can see those options.

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