No request or response details are shown in newman-dashboard except request url, plus help in setting up development setup of newman-dashboard

I started newman-dashboard by npm run dev:dashboard
but npm run dev:client failed with error message as in image below

Then on command newman run collection.json -e enviorenment.json -r dashboard,cli
The collection run was shown in dashboard

But additional details of requests and responses, except request urls were missing.

I’m guessing this maybe due to failure of npm run dev:client but not sure how to resolve either of issues.

I have some ideas and found some bugs in newman-dashboard and wish to contribute to development of newman-dashboard. @utkarsh.maheshwari any help in setting up the development setup for newman-dashboard would be highly appreciated.
Thank You.

@unauthorized-token It’s great to have you interested in newman-dashboard. We have a PR open where we’re adding the instructions to setup the local development: instruction to run with newman added by soham4abc · Pull Request #50 · postmanlabs/newman-dashboard · GitHub

For the bug that you mentioned, can you open an Issue in the repo itself and we can take it from there? It’ll be easier to track plus other members of the project can also take a look. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to collaborating on the project! :rocket:

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