No error message but stuck at Sending Request


I have used a simple Get API. It works in the production environment when there was a small quantity of sample data. The production environment is working as other GET API commands are working.

The table now has about the 10,000 rows of data. When I run the command, it is stuck at Sending Request for hours.

How do I go about to troubleshooting such a problem?
Are there any standard commands or settings that allow limiting the rows of data to be returned?
Any suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you

Hi @engsiong

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Could you try increasing “Max response size in MB” to 100 and see if that helps? Relevant article Here.

Note that rendering large responses can impact app performance. Hence, for large volumes of HTTP requests, I would highly recommend you to try Postman on Web - here is the screen-record on how to get started with it.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @subramanya.raj

Increasing the MB allowed did not change anything.

Sorry. I did not read the link in full. Installed the Agent and now testing it. Let you know if I am able to make it work.