Newman : HTML report do not shows up the parameterized data

Hello there,

Assume I have the below api GET endpoint

  • /app/services/companies/{{companyId}}
    I am parametrizing {{companyId}} with an external json test data file. Assume I have 6 different data for {{companyId}} example: C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 and C6

And I run this test with newman commandline tool
It runs for 6 times which is fine

When the HTML report is generated here for this test runner, I am expecting the GET URL being updated as

  • /app/services/companies/C1

  • /app/services/companies/C2 etc till C6

So looking at the report I can know what all parameters being used for different iterations of the test.

But it always shows all iterations GET URL with /app/services/companies/C1
It doesn’t shows up the other parameters that being used for the test. Parameters being used in test which can be observed in the console logs. The issue is with only the HTML report that being genereated

Any one observed this ?

Newman version : 3.9.4

Thanks & Warm Regards

Hi @musaffir
I experienced the same problem. Now solved the issue. Download the latest index.js and .hbs files

Also, replace your existing files with the shared ones in your PC at this location :


Let me know you have any issues.
Kind Regards

Hi @bincygijo

That’s really cool looking report with this .hbs file . the original issue mentioned in this post too looked resolved.
Thank you for sharing ,

Warm Regards