Newman --Folder parameter, child folders not being correctly accessed


I’m using newman (v4.5.6) to test a the MemberApp/Backend/UAT collection (authored in Postman 7.12) that has a collection setup as follows:
collection : MyAPI, with the following child folders

  • Backend
  •   SIT
  •   UAT
  • Public
  •   SIT
  •   UAT

My command looks like
newman run “{MyAPIUID}?apikey={apikey}” --environment “{EnvironmentUID}?apikey={apikey}” --folder “Backend” --folder “UAT”

when I run command, I get requests processed from SIT as well as UAT folder.

Any ideas?



Hey @simonbuk,

Welcome to the community! :rocket:

You should be able to just use --folder UAT to target that directly but I can see that only ever running the UAT folder in the Backend parent folder, due to the way that it matches folders with the same name. I believe it currently only runs the first one it sees with the same name.

I might be wrong though. :slight_smile:

Hi Danny

according to the documentation
--folder <name>
Run requests within a particular folder/folders in a collection. Multiple folders can be specified by using --folder multiple times, like so: --folder f1 --folder f2 .

So, in theory, I should be able to address a specific child folder through use of multiple --folder arguments

I’ll keep playing and see what I can come up with…


unless it means, as I suspect, having re-read it, you can specify >1 folder to run a series of requests. Solution would appear to be unique names for all folders - but it would be great if there was a
–folder Backend/WSO2 (or similar) fix so you could nominate a specific folder without having to ensure it has a unique name