Newman --folder command

I have a problem running multiple --folder commands.
The command looks like this:
newman run [collection] -e [env] -d [iterationData] --folder “Test 1” --folder “Test 2” --folder “Test 3” -r htmlextra -k

The collection structure is as follows:
– [Customers] folder
— [Test 2] request
— [Test 3] request
– [Identity] folder
— [Test 1] request

The problem is that collectionVariables set in request tests “Test 1” doesn’t persist in requests “Test 2” and “Test 3”.
Maybe I am using it wrong - in the documentation it specifies that --folder can be run for a single request?

–folder [name]
Run requests within a particular folder/folders or specific requests in a collection. Multiple folders or requests can be specified by using …